Make any screen display your content on an intelligent multi-screen network. Maintained online.


Your branded content on your screens, at your place.


Get an exclusive branded content program (dedicated YouTube Channel production) produced to display exclusively on your screens at your local place. From promos, live video, food menus, prices, YouTube channels and many other assets.

Your FREE branded content on your screens, at your place, just with ads!


You can let our partner brands sponsor your production needs by letting them advertise from time to time on a small portion of your screens.

No biggies, but it is enough to pay your content bills already!

Get your brand displayed on other screens.


Get advertised on a network that will display your brand on hundreds of intelligent screens of our partners based on cloud computing for data-driven machine learning to target and segment audiences like never before.


Online Content Producer and Provider

Sit back and enjoy while the screens and our online strategies are working on making your clients buy more from you.

Next features on VoodooCast 2.0

¿Vas a tener una venta, la visita de algún famoso o un evento especial? Anúncialo para que todos lo sepan y se cree expectación al respecto.

Case Studies from client corporations

After accomplishing challenges at work and making clients happy, they usually like to talk it out loud. So we are sharing stories for you to hear and get convinced of the power of dedicated exponential MKT.

Promueve las ofertas actuales

¿Vas a tener una venta especial por las festividades o una oferta semanal? Promuévela aquí para que tus clientes puedan verla y aprovechen la oportunidad.

Comparte la gran noticia

¿Abriste un nuevo local, cambiaste la decoración de la tienda o añadiste un nuevo producto o servicio? Cuéntaselo a la gente.

Other uses for our video networks

By dedicated signage software development, we provide a customized video platform to manage segmented video feeds by all kinds of sorts.

Comunícate con nosotros

O, aún mejor, ¡ven a visitarnos!

Nos encanta recibir a nuestros clientes, así que ven en cualquier momento durante las horas de oficina.

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